Magnus Carlsen: «Thanks to Kasparov I Began to Understand a Whole Class of Positions Better»

In the interview to Eugeny Atarov for ChessPro, Carlsen shared his experience of work with Garry Kasparov:

-Thanks to him I began to understand a whole class of positions better. Sure, he knew much more than me… At times it was difficult to for me keep up with the спид and depth of his analyses, but more often we were on the same wavelength. What can I say: it was a unique experience for me, Kasparov game me a lot of practical help.      

— He was shocked at how little it turned out I knew…but we weren't obsessed with that. He shared the methods of working on the openings with me, and I'м grateful for that. thanks to him I advanced in that область.
— He told me a lot about the peculiarities of the struggle, a lot more about about the particular elite players. He has a вери original view on the world'с best players. 
— He'с a вери «energetic» личность! As though he'с sharing his мнение with you, but actually he dictates how you should act… 
— Kasparov is a researcher. He looks at эвери position as at a theorem which should be proved. And I am more pragmatic — I look for how best to use the opportunities of both sides. He also tries to bring everything to a final evaluation +- or -+, while I'м not that meticulous and it'с enough for me to find a path worth of being followed. With some of his remarks I understood that my approach is associated for him with the way Karpov took decisions; and he knew him like no-one else — I can't say it was unpleasant for me to hear that kind of appraisal.     
— We played a lot of blitz games! That was a rich battle, at times it was hard for him — you could see that he'с out pf practice. 
— He'с a fantastic плеер. I have never seen anyone with such a feel of dynamics in complex positions. And that'с in his 40с! Of course, it would have been вери interesting to play against Kasparov back then, but as you know, you can't turn back the clock… I think that;d be a marvellous challenge. They say Karpov was also magnificent in his youth.
— We split on friendly terms, without any offences. I believe he gave me a great deal of successful knowledge. I think it was interesting for him too. Nobody knows how things would be now if we'd continue working together. Nobody knows how would that be if we'd continue cooperate with him. From where I am today I think that splitting up was the correct step. Maybe at some point I'll regret my decision, but maybe I won't… Maybe I disappointed him, but such was my choice.   

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