Vugar Gashimov proposes to amend the format of team tournaments

In the interview to 1news.az a member of Azerbaijan national team Vugar Gashimov mentioned that it would be better to amend smth. in the format of Olympic Games and European championships (these tournaments are carried out in accordance with the Swiss систем).

At the Olympic games it is desirable to increase the number of rounds to 13, and the number of boards — up to six and also abolish restrictions regarding arrangement of players vs. boards. In other words – to allow эвери плеер to play any board, unlike now, when, for example, the first number of the team has no right to play the second, third or fourth board. It would be much more interesting and entertaining. Captains would be вери puzzled in order to guess the composition, and it would be more difficult for chess players to prepare.

We would like to remind that currently during Olympic Games 11 rounds are played and the shift of the boards can only occur at one position — that is, for example, the number four may play third and fourth boards, but not higher. However, the latter rule applies to all team tournaments, including World Championship, which starts tomorrow in Ningbo.

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