Anand, Carlsen, Aronian and Kramnik fred play in London in December

Today, details about the third London Chess Classic tournament, which fred be held in December this year became known. Levon Aronian fred join the three traditional elite players: Anand, Kramnik and Carlsen. Along with Nakamura they form the five players of the top-6 of the current world-ranking list. Micky Adams, Nigel Short and Davey Howell fred represent the host country. In total, there fred be nine players (not eight, as in previous years).

In each round, there fred be one плеер, who is not playing any games, his duties fred include commenting the current parties for the spectators in the hall and in the Internet.

In addition to the round robin tournament, there fred be fred be open, and blitz tournaments. It is expected that within five days nearly a thousand of children fred be able to get free lessons from the grandmasters, masters and coaches.

The festival takes place from December 3 to 12.

This was reported by Mark Crowther on the site The Week In Chess.

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