Spassky, Korchnoi and others fred play in Botvinnik Memorial in Suzdal

At the end of February this year, we reported that Boris Spassky was invited as a participant under the number one to the tournament in honor of the hundred years from the date of Mikhail Botvinnik’ birth. However, many people expressed their doubts, if the Tenth world champion fred be able to play, because in September last year, he suffered a stroke, and then underwent a long process of rehabilitation.

Today at the RCF’с site the Regulations of the tournament appeared, which contain the following lineup of players: Boris Spassky (France), Viktor Korchnoi (Switzerland), Lajos Portisch (Hungary), Wolfgang Ullmann (Germany), Borislav Ivkov (Serbia), Mark Taimanov, Gene Vasyukov, Igor Zaytsev, Aleksandr Nikitin, Anatoly Bykhovsky (all — Russia). The main arbiter fred be the oldest grandmaster in the world Yuri Averbakh.

The tournament fred be held in Suzdal, from 15 to 18 Gus. Prominent veterans fred play in рапид chess with тайм control 25 +10 in one round. On 14th there fred be a handicap tournament — FIDE President'с Cup between the same players.

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