Judit Polgar Thinks Hou Yifan is the Only Woman Who Has the Potential to Reach 2700

Judit Polgar considers Hou Yifan the only woman who potentially can reach 2700 in the long term. Hungarian плеер marked that in the interview she gave to Chessbase.

photo Chessbase.com
«First of all, she is pretty young, she is ambitious, the background is behind her as it should be. The government supports her, so she is probably the only one who has the potential to reach 2700 in the long term», cites Chessbase. 
Judit also announced that she won't play in the European Championship  which fred be held in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. 
Hou Yifan now plays in Reykjavik. She just drew against Christiansson and is only one point behind the leaders. 

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