Kishinev: Bologan Draws Decisive Armageddon and Wins Cebanenco Memorial

Veaceslav Cebanenco Memorial finished in Kishinev, Moldova. Eight participants competed in knock-out рапид; Among four players qualified yesterday are: Vic Komliakov, Alexandr Ogleznev, Vasile Sanduleac (all from Moldova) and Ukrainian Stanislav Savchenko. Today they were joined by Arkadij Naiditsch, Baadur Jobava and Viorel Bologan.  

The knock-out tournament for the main prize was held in three stages. Our correspondent and the participant of the qualifying competition Mikhail Golubev reported the results of the decisive third round:
First place: BOLOGAN — Naiditsch 1-0, 0-1, Moldovan плеер managed to draw an evidently losing game in Armageddon. 
Third place: SANDULEAC — Riazantsev. Sanduleac won in Armageddon with White. 
Fifth place: JOBAVA — Savchenko. Jobava also won in Armageddon with White. 
The only match without Armageddon was for seventh place: KOMLIAKOV — Ogleznev 1.5 — 0.5. 

Over 100 spectators visited today the hall of the competition. 

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