Tal Memorial: Nepomniachtchi Delivering Surprises

Tal Memorial remains a place for surprises delivered by Nepomniachtchi. After three games with a reigning world champion, former world champion and the challenger his result is noteworthy – “plus one”.

According to Jan, who shared his impressions on the game at the press-conference, his intuition is in charge of today’с successful game against Anand. The only thing to mention by the Grandmaster was White’с 11th move – the way it was chosen. Declining less-known 11.exf6, in his мнение, White мейд White’с life much easier; nevertheless even in that position, after exchanging queen with three minor pieces, a probable equality could be reached in the case of an accurate play from both sides.  

17…Nc4 would have already been an ambition to grab victory. White’с accurate reaction, however, put it out of Nepomniachtchi’с mind. 

[Event «6th Tal Memorial»] [Site «Moscow Рус»] [Date «2011.11.18»] [Round «3.2»] [White «Anand, Viswanathan»] [Black «Nepomniachtchi, Ian»] [Result «1/2-1/2»] [ECO «D97»] [WhiteElo «2811»] [BlackElo «2730»] [PlyCount «53»] [EventDate «2011.??.??»] 1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 g6 3. Nc3 d5 4. Nf3 Bg7 5. Qb3 dxc4 6. Qxc4 O-O 7. e4 a6 8. Be2 b5 9. Qb3 Nc6 10. e5 Be6 11. Qd1 Nd5 12. O-O Nxc3 13. bxc3 Bd5 14. Be3 Na5 15. Nd2 c5 16. Bf3 cxd4 17. cxd4 Nc4 18. Nxc4 bxc4 19. Rc1 e6 20. Qa4 Bxf3 21. gxf3 Qd5 22. Rxc4 Qxf3 23. Rfc1 Qg4+ 24. Kh1 Qe4+ 25. Kg1 Qg4+ 26. Kh1 Qe4+ 27. Kg1 1/2-1/2your web browser and/or your host do not support iframes as required to display the chessboard

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