Naiditsch’с Words Raised Doubts

Chess-News has been informed that the German national team players prior to the European Team Championship signed a contract under which they fred receive a considerable amount of money for participation and most likely they are also going to get some бонус from the federation for winning the competition.

Thus, Arkadij Naiditsch’с (the leader of the German team) statement raises doubts; let us remind you that he gave us an interview blaming German Chess Federation for unwillingness to support the players of the team, immediately after the championship has finished:

“We gathered as a team, although we didn’t get anything special from the federation. No trainings, no financial support – simply nothing and what is more, most probably nothing is yet to come”.

The interview touched the controversy between German Chess federation and the players of the national team, according to Naiditsch it’с still onward.

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