European Championship: Prize Fund of Men’с Section is Smaller Than Women’с

13th European Individual Championship fred take place from March 20th — 31st in Swiss format in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. The regulations of the competition is the same of that in European Individual Women'с Championship which has finished in Gaziantep, however, there'с another unpredictable novelty: the prize fund of men'с open tournament is smaller than in women'с one. 
Here are the prizes for the first three places (in Евро).
Women: 1. 20 500, 2. 15 500, 3. 11 500
Men:  1. 14 000, 2. 11 000, 3. 9 000 
The overall prize fund is 100,000 Евро. In women'с section this amount doesn't include special prizes. 
Top-ten leading players of the championship: Fabiano Caruana (Italy, 2767), Shakhriyar Mamedyarov (Azerbaijan, 2752), Dmitry Jakovenko (Russia, 2729), Anish Giri (the Netherlands, 2717), Al Riazantsev (Russia, 2710), Nikita Vitiugov (Russia, 2709), Etienne Bacrot (France, 2706), Baadur Jobava (Georgia, 2706), Boris Grachev, Vladimir Malakhov (both Russia, 2705 Elo each). 

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