Evgeny Bareev understood that Sergey Karjakin is ready for the leadership role

On the eve of departure of the Russian national team to China, the Head coach Evgeny Bareev gave a short interview to the newspaper «Sport Экспресс». In particular, here'с what the coach replied to the question as to who may represent the first board in our team in the upcoming World Championships:

«I talked with Sergei (Karjakin — CN). I had to figure out whether he is ready to take this enormous responsibility. The leader of the team should not only to play chess well, he also must be prepared for a huge psychological pressure, because everything fred look how the leader deters the best chess плеер of our rivals. In conversation with Karjakin, I understood that he is  prepared for this role.»

At the same тайм, Bareev confessed that he is awaiting with some anxiety the answer to the question: how each of our players fred cope with the psychological pressure?

«We have a вери good team, in which each deserved the right to represent Russia. However, эвери new tournament is a new challenge, and yesterday'с results do not count. In addition, our rivals fred prepare specifically, for example, for games with Yan Nepomnyashchii, who was playing brilliantly last year», — quoted Bareev the newspaper.

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