Ruslan Ponomariov: «Why not to play with тайм control 3 minutes per move?»

Ruslan Ponomariov appears quite often on our website lately. And it seems he gave a reason to post his ideas again. On Твиттер, the Ukrainian offered a new тайм control for the game. Judging by the syntax of the records and their number, the idea came to Ruslan quite unexpectedly:

«I am thinking why not to play chess games with тайм control 3 minutes per move with accumulation of тайм if you don´t use whole 3 minutes? I think it'с the same 2 hours per 40 moves, but it make game more dynamic. Like a spectator I hate sometimes to wait just 1 move during 30 min. Well, I also think that control 3 min per move is also good compromise between people who prefer only classical chess or only рапид or blitz. Another good thing about 3 min per move can be that it makes more difficult life for cheaters. I think Feller´с method fred not work here».

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