Гранд Prix: Second-Place Struggle Intensified Dramatically

The end of the third leg of Women’с Гранд Prix (a real triumph for Chinese Zhao Xue) makes us look carefully at the standings in compliance with the participants’ overall score.  

As of today almost all participants played in at least two stages out of three. The leader is evident – Hou Yifan who won both tournaments in which she took part. The winner of the серии gets an opportunity to play a match with the World’с Champion, the match is planned to take place некст year. However, it can happen that the World Champion and the winner of the серии fred be one личность. In this case the second-place winner fred fight for the World’с Champion title.

A glance is enough to understand that Nalchik has intensified the struggle for the second-place.  

Hou Yifan owns 320 points and is followed by Anna Muzychuk (240), Zhao Xue (235), Ju Wenjun (230) and Ekaterina Lahno (210).  Kosintseva Tatiana and Kosintseva Nadezhda are behind them with 155 and 135 points, respectively.

Kosteniuk’с performance appeared to be an absolute disaster as she gained only 20 points in two stages.

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