A club, led by Vassily Ivanchuk became the champion of Greece

In Eretria the team championship of Greece has finished. Among well-known names, for different clubs were playing Vassily Ivanchuk, Judit Polgar, Davey Навара, Torie Cmilyte, Pia Cramling, Antoaneta Stefanova… The main prize was won by the team «Peristeriou» headed by Ivanchuk and Polgar. The Ukrainian scored 4 out of 6, having lost an interesting battle to Davey Навара.
[Event «39th TCh-GRE»] [Site «Eretria GRE»] [Date «2011.07.07»] [Round «6»] [White «Навара, Davey»] [Black «Ivanchuk, Vassily»] [Result «1-0»] [ECO «D36»] [WhiteElo «2722»] [BlackElo «2768»] [PlyCount «75»] [EventDate «2011.??.??»] [WhiteTeam «OS Triandria»] [BlackTeam «SS Peristeri»] 1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 e6 3. Nf3 d5 4. Nc3 c6 5. Bg5 Nbd7 6. cxd5 exd5 7. e3 Be7 8. Bd3 O-O 9. Qc2 Re8 10. O-O Nf8 11. h3 a6 12. Bf4 Ng6 13. Bh2 Bd6 14. Bxd6 Qxd6 15. Rab1 Qe7 16. b4 Ne4 17. Bxe4 dxe4 18. Nd2 Bf5 19. Ne2 Qe6 20. Ng3 Nh4 21. Kh2 Rad8 22. Qb3 Rd5 23. Rbc1 Nxg2 24. Nxf5 Qxf5 25. Kxg2 Re6 26. Rh1 Rf6 27. Rh2 Qxf2+ 28. Kh1 Qf5 29. Qb1 Re6 30. Rg1 a5 31. bxa5 Rb5 32. Qe1 Rxa5 33. Qg3 g6 34. Rf1 Qg5 35. Qb8+ Kg7 36. Qxb7 Re7 37. Qxc6 Rxa2 38. h4 1-0your web browser and/or your host do not support iframes as required to display the chessboard

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