Nakamura On His Performance in Reggio Emilia: «Chess is Just a Game»

The participant of the super-tournament in Reggio Emilia Hikaru Nakamura lost three last games and gave away the first place, which he occupied for the most part of the competition. As usually, General Motors мейд short tweets on his personal Твиттер page. This тайм his expressions towards himself were less sharp.

«Now I'м beginning to understand why Ivanchuk'с rating fluctuates so much from playing all the тайм…». Lately Hikaru played in Tal Memorial, London classics and now in Reggio; Wijk-aan-Zee is ahead after a week. Four tournaments in a row, isn't it too much?

In his некст tweet Nakamura demonstrates a philosophical approach to the failures: «Despite a meltdown, it is good to be reminded that chess is just a game and there are a lot worse things that can happen in life».

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