Alexander Morozevich will go to Biel warmed up


After the finish of the Higher League, its winner Alexander Morozevich gave an interview to Anna Burtasova. Grandmaster admitted that after a long break participation in Higher League was sort of a trial for him.

«Half-yearly tournaments do not indicate anything, because it's still a very long break. My active career ended essentially in January 2010, almost a year and a half ago. In general, the term «to plan» is not applicable in this case, because you can plan when you're sure in something. In my case there was no reason to make any plans, because nobody, including me, did not know what will happen when I sit down at the board. First, for the summer there was only one tournament in Biel. There was nothing else. I just thought it was too abrupt to go to the tournament of the 19th  category not being warmed up. To play difficult selection in Taganrog and feel for what it is, was the right decision» — quotes site RCF words of Morozevich.

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