Vladimir Tukmakov: «Chinese national team – is one of the favorites of the World Championship»


The captain of Azerbaijan national team Vladimir Tukmakov after the match China — Azerbaijan (2-2), noted the strength of the opponent:

«Chinese team – is one of the favorites of the tournament. Not only because it is a host country, but also because it is a very young and promising team. I would like to mention their fourth and fifth boards — Yu Yangyi and Ding Liren, who are progressing  very rapidly».

The coach admitted that he was alarmed with the lack of sufficient practice of the team members.

«Only Teimour Radjabov has recently participated in the tournament in Romania. Shakhriyar Mamedyarov played only four games against Boris Gelfand in the candidates tournament in a very long time. Others have also not played for a long time. Games cannot be replaced even by the most intense training sessions», — quotes Tukmakov’s words the site 1news.az.

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