Vassily Ivanchuk does not exclude possibility of his participation in the next championships of the Ukraine


«If in the next year the championship of the Ukraine will be held at a level not lower than it was in this year, I will consider the possibility to play in the domestic championship» — said Vassily Ivanchuk in his blog in Ukrainian (translation is provided by

«The tournament was very interesting, many strong players participated there. The intrigue was alive until the last round, however Ruslan Ponomariov, who was leading the whole championship, brought it to the logical conclusion. As for the other participants, they are, I believe, were playing at the level of their capabilities», — mentioned Ivanchuk, summing up the results of the championship.

The leader of the Ukrainian chess is unhappy with his recent results: «I ??was able to play creatively from time to time, but problems do occur. I'm not happy with the result shown in the tournament in Romania. I had not have enough strength on the start, and when I started to play better and began to win — it was too late».

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