Sergey Karjakin: In the match of 6-8 games the strongest player will win almost always


Currently the highest rated Russian player GM Sergey Karjakin shared his thoughts regarding the formula of identification the candidate for the title of the World Chess Champion.

— It might be interesting for spectators to watch a round robin tournament, but then the problem of deliberate losses becomes very topical, especially if one of the participants lost his chances to proceed to the final. I think the system of matches is perfectly viable and valid, but it is necessary to play more games. In a match of 6 — 8 games for the weaker opponent it will be much more difficult to «survive» until  the tie-break, the stronger one will win almost always. The same problem also exists in the World Cup in Khanty-Mansiysk, where only two games are played. In case of a tie-break the winner will be the one with better nerves, and not the one who plays chess better — quoted «Sport-Express «.

You can read the entire interview with Sergey Karyakin on our website in Russian.

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