Judit Polgar was «флайин from happiness» after the vctory which was later voted the best game of 111th Chess Informant


Judit Polgar'с victory over Georgian General Motors Levan Pantsulaia at the 12th European Individual Championship was voted best game of the volume by the jury (which consisted of Grandmasters Beliavky, Christiansen, Marin, Matanovic, Mikhalchishin, Ribly and Spilman) of Chess Informant. 

Today Judit twitted about it on her твиттер page and мейд a note on her website, in which she says «This is not first тайм that I win the best game prize either. The last one, I can remember, before this one, was when I won against Gelfand in 2009 in Siberia at the World Cup».  

In the game against Pantsulaia Judit won due to her positional sacrifice of rook. Polgar remembers «I was really флайин from happiness because of the style the game went!». She was also glad of having a little chat about the game with Garry Kasparov, who congratulated her with success.  

Judit started to comment her games in Chess Informant at the age of 12. 

[Event «12th ch-EUR»] [Site «Aix-les-Bains FRA»] [Date «2011.03.28»] [Round «7»] [White «Pantsulaia, Levan»] [Black «Polgar, Judit»] [Result «0-1»] [ECO «A13»] [WhiteElo «2595»] [BlackElo «2686»] [PlyCount «68»] [EventDate «2011.03.22»] [EventRounds «11»] [EventCountry «FRA»] [Source «Chess Today»] [SourceDate «2011.03.31»] 1. c4 e6 2. Nf3 Nf6 3. g3 d5 4. Qc2 c5 5. d4 cxd4 6. Nxd4 e5 7. Nb3 Nc6 8. Bg2 Nb4 9. Qd1 dxc4 10. N3d2 Bf5 11. Na3 b5 12. Bxa8 Qxa8 13. Nf3 Nd3+ 14. exd3 Bxd3 15. Nxb5 Bb4+ 16. Nc3 O-O 17. Rg1 Ne4 18. Bd2 Rd8 19. Rc1 Nxc3 20. bxc3 Ba3 21. Be3 Bxc1 22. Bxc1 Rb8 23. Nd2 Qd5 24. Qa4 a5 25. Qd1 h6 26. Qf3 Rb1 27. Kd1 e4 28. Qf4 Ra1 29. Qb8+ Kh7 30. g4 Qd7 31. Qe5 e3 32. fxe3 Qa4+ 33. Ke1 Rxc1+ 34. Kf2 Rxg1 0-1 [Event «World Cup»] [Site «Khanty-Mansiysk Рус»] [Date «2009.11.28»] [Round «3.2»] [White «Polgar, Judit»] [Black «Gelfand, Boris»] [Result «1-0»] [ECO «C24»] [WhiteElo «2680»] [BlackElo «2758»] [PlyCount «63»] [EventDate «2009.11.21»] [EventRounds «7»] [EventCountry «Рус»] [Source «Chess Today»] [SourceDate «2009.11.29»] 1. e4 e5 2. Bc4 Nf6 3. d3 c6 4. Qe2 Be7 5. Nf3 O-O 6. Bb3 d6 7. O-O Nbd7 8. c3 a5 9. a4 b5 10. Bc2 Ba6 11. axb5 cxb5 12. Nbd2 Qc7 13. d4 a4 14. Bd3 Rfb8 15. Nh4 g6 16. f4 exf4 17. Ndf3 Nh5 18. Bd2 Nb6 19. g4 fxg3 20. Ng5 Nc4 21. Nf5 Bxg5 22. Bxg5 f6 23. Bh4 gxh2+ 24. Qxh2 Rf8 25. Be2 gxf5 26. Bxh5 fxe4 27. Qf4 f5 28. Kh1 Kh8 29. Rg1 Rf7 30. Bxf7 Qxf7 31. Qh6 Rf8 32. Rg6 1-0your web browser and/or your host do not support iframes as required to display the chessboard

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