Wijk Aan Zee: Giri’с Fourth Лосс in a Row


Giri'с fourth лосс in a row happened in Round 11 of Wijk aan Zee tournament. This тайм he was defeated by Caruana. Italian played confidently sacrificed in the middlegame and developed decisive initiative. As General Motors Tomashevsky, the commentator on the эйр of the Chess-News radio,  noted Italian'с achievement is worth of being awarded the prize for the best game of the day. 

[Event «74th Тата Стил GMA»] [Site «Wijk aan Zee NED»] [Date «2012.01.27»] [Round «11»] [White «Caruana, F.»] [Black «Giri, A.»] [Result «1-0»] [ECO «D11»] [WhiteElo «2736»] [BlackElo «2714»] [PlyCount «81»] [EventDate «2012.01.14»] 1. d4 d5 2. c4 c6 3. Nf3 Nf6 4. e3 a6 5. Nc3 b5 6. c5 g6 7. Ne5 Bg7 8. f4 a5 9. Be2 Qc7 10. O-O h5 11. h3 Bf5 12. Bd2 Nbd7 13. Bf3 h4 14. Qe1 Ne4 15. Nxe4 dxe4 16. Be2 f6 17. Bxa5 Rxa5 18. Nxc6 Ra8 19. Bxb5 Be6 20. a4 f5 21. Qd2 Bf6 22. d5 Bf7 23. Rac1 Kf8 24. b4 Qc8 25. d6 exd6 26. cxd6 Qe8 27. Ne7 Be6 28. Rc7 Rh7 29. Nd5 Bd8 30. Rb7 Rc8 31. a5 Kg7 32. a6 Kh6 33. a7 Qf8 34. Ne7 Nb6 35. Qf2 Rf7 36. Qxh4+ Kg7 37. Qg5 Bd5 38. Qxg6+ Kh8 39. Qh5+ Kg7 40. Nxf5+ Kg8 41. Ne7+ 1-0your web browser and/or your host do not support iframes as required to display the chessboard

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