San Sebastian: Laznichka Beat Moiseenko to Face Volokitin in the Final


The Ukrainian плеер Andrei Volokitin fred face Viktor Laznichka in the Final of Donostia Chess Festival. Volokitin'с opponent was decided on a tie-break Laznichka — Moiseenko, Czech плеер took an upper hand on another Ukrainian paleyr 1.5-0.5.

We remind you that the competition is devoted to the famous chess tournament which was held in 1911 and won by Jose Raul Capablanca.  The novelty of the experiment, based on Davey Bronstein'с suggestions and exhibition games, is that the players compete in two games at the same тайм.

Alexandr Moiseenko (photo A.Karlovich/D.Lyada)

The final match fred be held on Thursday. 

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